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Garden Services

Garden is an important aspect in any family home. Taking good care of your garden is of utmost importance for a healthier and livable environment. We at Sokhulu Services & Maintenance are happy to provide you with the best service to maintain your garden "We Love It" Our “Go Green Membership” platform offers garden maintenance from co-operate to home based. For a low monthly fee, you never have to worry about your Garden Again. Join Us Today.

Carpenter & Welding

15 years in the Carpenter & Welding field means we do almost everything. We are well equipped with instrument and skills to give you what you fantasize about. We offer all dimensions and shapesfor your Mansion, Business start-up home etc… It’s our passion. Our team attains new developments, structures and dimensions in Welding & Carpenter.

Maintenance & Services

A healthier home requires much care than what’s you may know. At Sokhulu Services & Maintenance we provide maintenance in all aspect of a family home, from flooring to roofing we pride ourselves on servicing, renovating and / or maintaining your home above your expected standards. As a trend driven innovation brand, we provide you with the latest developments and give you an insight on other products and services that suits your needs.


Fumigation is a method of Pest Control that completely fills an area with gaseous pesticides to suffocate the pests within. It is recommended that Fumigation shall be carried seasonally, depending on location and environmental factors. In South Africa, most of us live in green sites which invites pesticides, this requires us to continuously fumigate our environment and live happily ever after free of pesticides.


158 Main road, Newlands, Randburg, 2092



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